Product line expansion

The latest market demands generated by the Covid-19 emergency push Capsol to design and develop further new products.
The already vast product range is expanding with nine new items, while many others are nearing completion and will arrive in the next few days.

Now available:

  • cylindrical cap 18/410 with stem (code 00105)
  • 24/410 cap (code 00106)
  • grooved profile 20/410 cap with sealing ring (code 00631)
  • 28/410 PFP28 Special FP Flip-top cap (cod. 00651)
  • flip-top cap 33/400 with stop-valve and liner (cod. 00758.01)
  • flip-top 28 Gravity 2 cap (cod. 01037)
  • flip-top 28 Alaska 3p cap (cod. 01038)
  • 1000 ml 28/410 PET bottle (code 01F122)
  • 80 ml 20/415 oval PET flacon (code 01F123)

Click on the codes to view the technical specifications of each bottle / cap.

Capsol offers its customers a wide range of capsules dedicated to the cosmetic & detergency market and bottles for the most diverse markets.

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